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The MANITOBA FOOD HISTORY TRUCK is a food truck that is also a mobile oral history lab. You hop on board and cook something meaningful to you while we interview you about your life and your experience in food production, retail, and consumption in Manitoba.1 Later, in partnership with Diversity Food Services, our food truck will offer your dish, which we will recreate from a recipe you provide.

Each dish of food we provide to patrons will have a code that can be scanned using a mobile device. Scanning this code will direct people to a website where they might find your recipe, excerpts of your interview, a podcast based on your interview, archival documents related to your dish’s ingredients and links to current producers in Manitoba, as well as past and present restaurants where one can find similar dishes in Manitoba. Over time, the Manitoba Food History Project will create an interactive map of Manitoba Food History using this information. The foodways of the general public, archival and oral histories of food, consumer and producer and retail histories will all be mapped so that connections/networks can be traced. Interviews will be archived at the Oral History Centre, and a Manitoba Food History Truck Cookbook will be published.

Hop on board the Manitoba Food History Truck with your bag of groceries and we’ll record your story while you cook!

If you would like to be interviewed for the Manitoba Food History Project, please fill out and submit the following request form and one of our team members will get in touch.

1 - Participants can choose to be interviewed in an alternate location instead of on the food truck.

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